MoodleTouch and mTouch+ now available for iOS5 | Moodle News

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Ali Özgür, developer at PragmaTouch, the makers of MoodleTouch and mTouch+, just announced that their apps are now available and compatible with iOS5.  The upgrades are now available to all customers.  The apps run for the low price of $2.99 but provide some easy to use features for both 1.9 and 2.0.

If you’re local Moodle hasn’t yet made the jump to supporting the official Moodle app (MyMoodle) then this is one of the only viable options (it requires no setup on the server).  For more information about MoodleTouch and it’s sibling products for Android, iPad, and Windows phones

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Manage your time

Take notes in class & rewrite them at home

Study hard subjects first & study in a quiet place

Read texts actively & slowly, before & after class

Do your homework

Study for exams

Take Exams

Do research & write essays

Do I really have to do all this?

Are there other websites that give study hints?


Move2Moo: “Rapid and Accurate Migration of Course contents” from Blackboard to Moodle! | Moodle News

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Move2Moo: “Rapid and Accurate Migration of Course contents” from Blackboard to Moodle! | Moodle News.

Gone Moodle: Cal Poly, Andrews University and Bryn Mawr | Moodle News

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As usual here are a few institutions making the jump to Moodle,California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California article: In April this year CalPoly announced its gradual transition to Moodle from Blackboard.  The move was spurred by a forced upgrade to the newest version of Blackboard which would cause and equally disruptive learning curve comparative with the adoption of other LMSs available on the market.  This provided the impetus to reevaluate LMS needs and requirements.  The absence of licensing fees is sited as a major contributing factor in the decision.Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan article: Andrews is switching from D2L to Moodle this academic year.  The decision follows their periodic evaluation of software needs prior to the sunset of their D2L contract.  Students, according to the student paper, have reported mixed opinions.Bryn Mawr University, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania blog post:  After evaluating and comparing Moodle to Blackboard the current provider/LMS, Bryn Mawr has decided to transition to the open source software.  During a pilot of Moodle faculty and students found that both systems offered a very similar feature set and capabilities.  According to the information on Bryn Mawr’s Tech Bar site, “After the initial costs of transition, the decision to move away from a commercial product that annually increases its subscription costs at rates well ahead of inflation was seen as a major financial sustainability advantage in switching to Moodle.”

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For Zynga, success lies in the first three clicks — Tech News and Analysis

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Everyone knows that socially, good first impressions are very important. So it makes sense that companies dealing in social media — such as social gaming giant Zynga — are finding that the first few moments a user interacts with their digital products are similarly crucial for their long-term success.

Zynga aspires to make all its games pass what the company calls the “three click” test: Making games that people can enjoy and get hooked on within the first three clicks of the mouse. According to Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, that is all the time a first-time user will give to a game before deciding whether it’s a keeper.

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Verbalearn is a great free website for learning vocabulary for middle schoolers on up. Students can learn through online quizzes, flashcards, video, and crossword puzzles. There are also different programs for different features of Verbalearn. The free version is just the basic but paid accounts offer more features.

I highly recommend checking out Verbalearn by clicking here!!

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Top Hat Monocle

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Top Hat Monocle is a wonderful classroom tool that replaces clickers for taking online polls/quizzes. A student can use any mobile device such as phone, laptop, or iPod to use this incredible service. Also, THM acts as classroom management system where attendance, grading, and scheduling can be done online.

I highly recommend checking out Top Hat Monocle by clicking here!!!

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