I recently came across a thought-provoking article from Will Thalheimer’s Will at Work Learning blog.  The post, entitled The Five Failures of Workplace Learning Professionals, offers insights on how to improve some of the most significant weaknesses of on-the-job training.

One of the most interesting points Thalheimer makes in this post is that “we forget to minimize forgetting and improve remembering.”  In short, his point is that professional educators need to provide tools for memory retention so that knowledge gained during training can be used in the long term.  The article lists these three mechanisms that can help support remembering:

·         Aligning the learning and performance contexts

·         Providing retrieval practice

·         Utilizing spaced repetitions

According to Thalheimer, practicing these three strategies provides learners with chances to utilize their new knowledge in realistic scenarios, further improving their ability to retain what they have learned.

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