In a few of the online courses I run the goal is to create the most friction-less learning environment for students so that they can pace themselves exactly as they want.  Once enrolled, students can progress through the course as quickly or slowly as they want/need (choosing their own pace unconstrained by any external factor) working to the end goal, which in many cases is a Certificate of Completion.

In order to do this the courses are designed with a few things in mind:

A clear and obvious course roadmap is available the 1st time a student signs in

What’s “next” is obvious from any page within the course

Students can stay on a topic as long as they want

There is self-paced review that can be accessed again and again

All objectives are laid out clearly, including the grade book and assessments

Quizzes and tests are available, timed and automatically graded

The last bit is a really important aspect of the course.  As students study and progress through the course immediate feedback is available from both the ungraded exercises and the graded tests and exams.  Students have no illusions of their comprehension or graded attempts as that information is automatically provided back to the student once they’ve completed one of the exercises.  Luckily Moodle’s assessment tool has everything you need to give students a smooth ride from start to finish.

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