Greylock And Benchmark Lead $15M Round In Social Collaboration Platform For Classrooms Edmodo | TechCrunch

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Edmodo, an online social learning and communications network for teachers and students in K through 12 schools, has raised $15 million in Series B funding led by Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital. In conjunction with the investment, Reid Hoffman has joined the Edmodo Board along with Benchmark Partner Matt Cohler. Edmodo’s existing investors include Union Square Ventures and Learn Capital.

When you take a look at Edmodo, it looks a lot like a Facebook for the classroom. And the heart of what Edmodo is trying to do is similar to the social network in that it is trying to create a social networks for teachers and students in a class room. But Edmodo is completely private and secure, and allows teachers to also manage class content, collaborate and more within the platform.

Basically, Edmodo is a free service that allows teachers to create and maintain their own safe and secure, collaborative classroom communities across mobile and web platforms.

Teachers can share educational content, manage projects and assignments, handle notifications, conduct quizzes and events, and facilitate other engaging learning experiences with students. Schools and districts can claim unique Edmodo web addresses for added communication and customization. And teachers can build profile pages on Edmodo, which they use to meet and stay in contact with other educators, sharing best practices and top resources.

On the student side, members of an Edmodo classroom can interact with the site, take quizzes, participate in games, ask the teacher questions. But students may not direct message each other within the platform. Edmodo is not meant to be a social platform for student to student interactions that don’t relate to what’s going on in the classroom.

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Minimize Forgetting, Improve Retention |

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I recently came across a thought-provoking article from Will Thalheimer’s Will at Work Learning blog.  The post, entitled The Five Failures of Workplace Learning Professionals, offers insights on how to improve some of the most significant weaknesses of on-the-job training.

One of the most interesting points Thalheimer makes in this post is that “we forget to minimize forgetting and improve remembering.”  In short, his point is that professional educators need to provide tools for memory retention so that knowledge gained during training can be used in the long term.  The article lists these three mechanisms that can help support remembering:

·         Aligning the learning and performance contexts

·         Providing retrieval practice

·         Utilizing spaced repetitions

According to Thalheimer, practicing these three strategies provides learners with chances to utilize their new knowledge in realistic scenarios, further improving their ability to retain what they have learned.

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A new view for the teacher dashboard? | Moodle News

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This is another great example of UX changes to Moodle that could have a lasting impact on usability and aesthetics.  Stuart Lamour of the University of Sussex (and of the Page format fame: has posted and shared a new Dashboard that they created for their teachers; their inspiration comes from the many content management site dashboards and the handy metrics and data that are easily captured and displayed therein.

via A new view for the teacher dashboard? | Moodle News.

Interesting that a teacher “dashboard” has little or no analytics.  This is strictly about creating content.

Online and Mobile Video Presentations | eLearning | Business Communications | Brainshark

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With Brainshark’s cloud-based software, you can easily transform static content such as PowerPoint® documents into voice-enriched video presentations that can be accessed anytime, on-demand…and tracked so you can measure the effectiveness of your communications.

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E-Learning Authoring Solutions | Interactive Online Lesson Creation Tool – SoftChalk

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E-Learning Authoring Solutions | Interactive Online Lesson Creation Tool – SoftChalk.

Content authoring tools that support popular LMS’s and allow delivery on mobile devices without the LMS.

Replacing a Pile of Textbooks With an iPad –

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When I’m not blogging away about technology for the Bits Blog, I’m also an adjunct professor at New York University in the Interactive Telecommunications Program.

The program is a technology-focused graduate course, so it came as no surprise when four of my students walked into class in early April with fancy new Apple iPads in hand. After the students got past the novelty factor, a debate ensued about how the iPad would fit into their school life. One factor the students discussed was the ability to carry less “stuff” in their backpacks: the iPad can replace magazines, notepads, even a laptop.

Now there’s an iPad application that could further lighten the load. A new company called Inkling hopes to break the standard textbook model and help textbooks enter the interactive age by letting students share and comment on the texts and interact with fellow students.

Matt MacInnis, founder and chief executive of Inkling, said in a phone interview that the company wants to offer a textbook experience that moves far beyond simply downloading a PDF document to an iPad.

One unique feature the service offers is the ability to discuss passages of a book with other students or professors. By selecting a piece of text you can leave a note for others to read and develop a conversation around the text.

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The Official Mobile App for Moodle is OUT NOW | Moodle News

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The Official Mobile app for Moodle 2.1+ is now in the Apple app store.  For you iOS users out there get a copy now (free) and commence the mobile learning!

Apple Store link:

Here’s a great review by Gavin Henrick:

From the product page:

The official Moodle app is now available on the App store. Designed as a mobile complement to the web version, you can:

– upload pictures and video (picked from your gallery or captured with your camera)

– record an audio file and upload it

– view the participant list of your courses

– view information about the participants

– send a private message

– add a private note about someone

– work offline with automatic synchronization

– add a participant to your iPhone/iPad contacts

– access the web version of your Moodle site

– access Moodle documentation

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